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IMF Therapy User Manual.

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Who can benefit from IMF Therapy?
Anyone with the motivation to improve their quality of life can benefit from IMF Therapy.
Who cannot use IMF Therapy?
The treatment cannot be given when the patient is fitted with a pacemaker, is pregnant or has a thrombosis. Though the presence of metal within the body prevents the use of the therapy in that area, treatment can still occur in other areas where metal is not present.
What does the treatment involve?
Electrode pads are placed on the patient at appropriate points. The patient is then encouraged to visualise a given movement in the affected area. The recommendation is to work with the device for a maximum of 4 times daily for 30 minutes. 1 hour each day is a minimum requirement. For more information, see How IMF Therapy Works.
How do I use it?
The Device is simple to operate and an interactive CD-Rom takes you through the necessary training. A colour illustrated printed manual is also included. To view the manual online click the following link: IMF Therapy User Manual. The Device is used at home in a place free from distraction so you can focus on the work at hand.
What support do I get?
UK residents receive full training in the use of the device at home from a qualified therapist and monitor visits as required, as well as full support via e-mail and telephone. Residents outside the UK receive their initial training via an interactive instructional cd-rom with full support via telephone and e-mail as required. A fully illustrated instruction manual is supplied for all users of the therapy.
How long before I can expect results?
Some people respond immediately to the treatment and 90% within 3 months. Even though some patients are out of their wheelchairs and walking unaided after 6 months, a period of at least 2 years is recommended for treatment, as neural re-education is a gradual process.
Can I have a trial period? (UK only)
Yes: A trial period of 3 months is available. After this you can choose to either continue with the therapy or cease without further obligation. Please contact us for details.

Trials are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Is IMF Therapy available outside the UK?
Yes, Reflex Therapeutics are the sole distributors of IMF Therapy in the English language and can ship the Therapy anywhere in the world.*

*Except Germany, Austria and Czech Republic:

Link to German IMF Therapy Website Click here to go to the German website.

Is there a warranty on the IMF Device?
Yes, the Device is covered by a full 2 year warranty.
Is the Device CE marked?
Yes, the Device is CE marked and meets all the legal criteria for use in the EU. Click here to see CE Mark certificate.
Can I use the therapy if I live on my own?
Motivation is everything to this therapy. If you lose your motivation, nothing will change.

People who live on their own tend not to have the same motivation levels as people who live with a partner. They may do to start with, but we have found when it comes to doing something regularly every day, the 'mañana principle' comes in - that is to say “Oh I don't feel like doing it today, I'll do it tomorrow instead.”

You won't get any benefit if you just have the machine in your house, you must USE it. It is important to understand that YOU are responsible for gaining the most from this therapy.
How easy is the therapy to do?
Like anything it takes a bit of getting used to initially, but we provide you with a cd-rom which guides you through the training process. You also have a comprehensive manual with colour pics describing where the pads need to go for each part of the body and describing the operation of the device in detail.

UK residents are provided with a training session in their home by a qualified IMF Therapist. We ask that a partner, carer or family member attend if possible.

Full support is provided via e-mail, and telephone if necessary. We will do all we can to ensure your continued progress.
Why haven't I heard of IMF Therapy before now?
This is partly because it`s a relatively new approach. The technology to place such sensitive equipment within our grasp is a recent development.

It is also because it is an approach that has not been widely publicised, perhaps even suppressed, as a result of bypassing the drug-based approaches promoted by Pharmaceutical Corporations. We are currently making efforts to broaden public awareness of this profoundly effective option that comes with no harmful side-effects.

What do I do if the Device breaks down?
If the device ceases to function, and this is very rare, you send it back to us and we send you a replacement.
How long will I need to use the therapy for?
Everyones' case is different and it is not possible to say how long it will take for any given individual to regain their function, either partially or completely.

There have been instances of complete functional recovery, eg a professional piano player who suffered a stroke, and was playing professionally again within 2 years. His motivation levels were clearly very high and he used the therapy for 2 hours on a daily basis.

What we can say though, is that you have a very good chance of deriving benefit if you use the machine as recommended. Germany has a 93% success rate and so far it is 85% here in the UK. By success rate we mean the number of people who have regained some degree of function using IMF Therapy.
Is there a specific regime for the therapy I must follow?
Yes. We can't emphasise enough how important it is to make use of the therapy for 2 hours a day. (4 sessions of 30mins recommended). This is considered the Minimum Requirement for application of the therapy to be eligible for the Refund Offer.

To help you keep track of your usage, a Therapy Log is supplied for reproduction with the manual. A printable version can be downloaded from this link: IMF Therapy Log.

How should I proceed?
You may either contact us for a free personal telephone consultation (or to to arrange a demonstration visit for UK residents), or go straight to the purchase page to buy online, or here for outside the UK.
Which conditions can IMF Therapy help?
IMF Therapy is suitable for the treatment of any condition which affects the Central Nervous System. This includes Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Whiplash, spinal or other nerve damage from accident.
Are the benefits of the therapy permanent?
Yes. The benefits, once achieved, remain permanently.
What exactly is visualisation and why is it so important?
Visualisation is the required action to ensure IMF Therapy works. It is the process of mentally picturing or imagining oneself performing a specific action. While our bodies naturally and easily produce new skin, blood and other cells (at the rate of millions daily), nerve cells are different in that they have a relatively limited ability to rejuvenate.

This is why, after a stroke for example, a doctor will tell you that the first 6 months will see some improvement with the possibility of further progress being made during the next 18 months. Those odds can be improved, however - if we use the power of the mind to activate non-functioning neurons, nerve regeneration is greatly stimulated.

If you visualise yourself throwing a ball, you send electricity to ALL the muscles you would use if you were indeed throwing the ball, and the IMF device uses this signal as the basis of its operation. Visualisation is therefore the key to the efficacy of the therapy.

Is the therapy used in clinics or hospitals?
Yes, the therapy is used in clinics in Germany and now the Czech Republic where in 2005 a hospital wing was dedicated to using IMF Therapy.

The Germans have always invested well in their healthcare and 5 clinics and more than 180 physio practices are using the system. The results are excellent and doctors are now prescribing IMF before physiotherapy due to its cost effectiveness. Patients in rehab centres learn to use the machine then take one home with them and practice there.

Click here for a List of Doctors, Clinics and Therapists that use IMF Therapy.

What is neuro-plasticity and how does it relate to IMF Therapy?
Neuroplasticity is the ability of the nervous system to regenerate and even re-grow nerve endings using visualisation to fire so called “dead “nerves. This is a relatively new discovery, and is still struggling to gain widespread acceptance within neurology in general. However, the results from IMF Therapy are conclusive proof that this is indeed the case.
How much does IMF Therapy cost?
Choose a 'Buy Online' option from the menu above (according to your location) for purchase details. For UK residents, trial periods of 91 days cost £910, with no other costs to pay other than a fuel surcharge depending on your distance from Brighton. Our Therapist will discuss this with you when arrangements are made. We hope to be able to make the same option available in the US shortly, please check back for updates.

Purchase of the IMF Device is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I sell back the Device once I've finished with it?
Yes, you can sell the Device back to Reflex for £400 or the equivalent. Before you take this course of action we recommend you consider it carefully; be sure you are finished with the Therapy - while you may have made great strides, you may not yet have reached the full extent of the benefit it can offer. It can also be beneficial to reaffirm your progress with occasional 'top-up' sessions.
Is IMF Therapy covered by health insurance?
As far as we are aware, this is rare at this time, but we would welcome enquiries from insurers who are interested in offering cover. It also varies considerably according to location and insurer. We recommend making enquiries with your health insurer and even encouraging them to do the necessary research for themselves to enable them to offer cover.