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IMF Therapy® Online User Manual

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IMF Therapy User Manual

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The IMF Therapy user manual is reproduced below:

IMF Therapy Manual

Read the Instruction Manual thoroughly and charge the Device before your first session.

Neither the manufacturer nor the supplier of the Device will take responsibility for damage caused by intentionally or negligently ignoring the instructions in this manual.


Using the Device:

  • It is essential you work with the Device for a minimum of 1 hr each day (2 hrs each day is the recommended duration, split into 4 half hour sessions) and build up to 2 hrs each day as soon as possible. The more time you put in, the quicker the results will come.
  • Do not attempt the therapy if you are tired or fatigued.
  • NEVER use the Device with the mains plug attached. It is for recharge purposes only.
  • Under no circumstances use this Device if you are fitted with a pacemaker or are pregnant or have a thrombosis.
  • Do not place the white stimulation pads near or on any metal parts that reside within your body.
  • Keep the manual within easy reach and read the instructions carefully. Use the Device only in accordance with the specific instructions given in this manual.
  • Where possible, please sit in a high backed chair and not in a wheelchair.
  • Soft pillows or cushions can be used under the arm for comfort and ease of operation.
  • Choose a pleasant place to site the Device as you will be spending much time with it. During sessions make sure you have no distractions in your vicinity such as TV or radio. Approach the therapy as relaxed as you can. A few deep breaths always help.
  • Make sure you clean the area of skin where the pads and electrodes will be placed prior to a session. Use enough paste on the skin to attach the yellow electrodes as too little can prevent good contact.

Care of the Device:

  • Do not keep the Device in direct sunlight or in a damp room as these can impair the safety of the Device. Avoid heat sources such as radiators and fires for the same reason.
  • You may clean the Device with a damp cloth but NEVER use liquid or a spray. Do NOT clean the Device during the recharging period.
  • If possible, locate the Device near a plug socket so it does not have to be moved for recharging.
  • Make sure children are supervised if they have access to the Device.
  • Never remove or open the casing of the Device. This will void the warranty.