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Feedback from Neurological Physiotherapist working at the Multiple Sclerosis Centre for the South West of England

Dear Keith,

It took a while to get Andys` machine to him initially because of illness. He cancelled the first appointment and as a result he is currently about only 7 weeks through his trial, however, I can bet he will be buying the machine as it has had such an excellent response for him. I have to send a report when the trial is over to Penreath and I will recommend a purchase due to the excellent benefits.

As for the other machine, I am in the process of using it with others briefly to see if they are appropriate. The next brief trial is a woman who has been told that 1/2 of her pelvic floor muscles are dead due to 2 births and prolapse which was not repaired with surgery despite 2 ops.

I feel that the machine may help her retrain the pathways to these muscles. She is only mid twenties so it is sad for her to give up hope so young of having proper function. Have just finished with a chap 10 years on after a stroke who cannot speak proper words and has many other problems but due to a lot of cognitive problems he is not appropriate.

As for some other clients;

Client Two - Man with MS for 20 years (uses delta rollator for mobility, has minimal active dorsiflexion, and very stiff (spastic) quads, drags his feet but manages using mostly arm strength and hips. Drives using adapted car, needs some help from wife for reaching down to his feet for dressing etc) after using IMF machine on abdominals for 7 weeks only once to twice per week, has regain significant sensation in his right leg going all the way down to his big toe which he has not had for many years, the movement at his ankle (plantar and dorsiflexion have almost doubled in range of movement and increased in strength so that he can wiggle his toes at will now, which again was not possible for some years. After the second session he used the brakes with his foot rather than his hand for the first time in five years. He has better trunk control and sitting balance and can clasp his hands behind his back now whereas before he would fall back when he tied.

He has a slight slope of 20 metres leading to his house which he used to have great trouble with, once a week at least he would have to stop for a long rest or even crawl: for the past 4-5 weeks this has not been any trouble at all.

He continues to use the machine at the MS centre once or twice a week (does not feel he can do more often (this is the chap who was there when Ulrich came over to demonstrate), and I will let you know of further progress.

I have written an article and request for volunteers in the MS Centre magazine and am sending an article to the MS Matters and Pathways magazines about the machine and my experience with using it - the request is for 20 volunteers to take part in a trial, this should go out in January to all centre users and so I should hear how many volunteers it attracts by the end of February.


Anyone wishing to speak with Michael Traynor directly about the results he is experiencing with IMF therapy is welcome to do so on the following numbers:

07956 409300 to contact or leave a message anytime or 01803 813517 between 9-6 on weekdays.