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Purchasing IMF Therapy® for UK Residents:

To buy the IMF Therapy package online, using the order form below. UK residents please check this page first.


We recommend commencing the therapy on a 3 months trial period basis. You can choose to continue or not at the end of the trial period.

The cost of a trial period is £960.

This price includes a home visit to train you fully in the use of the IMF Device, all accessories and full support by telephone and/or e-mail. There are no hidden costs.

When you choose to continue with the therapy, this sum contributes to the purchase of the device.

To proceed with a trial period please contact us.


Alternatively the IMF Device can be purchased outright for the sum of £2,880.00.

This includes 6 months supply of pads and paste, training in the use of the IMF Device and full support including therapy control.


You may purchase the IMF Device outright at any time during your contract period.

Purchase and Trials of IMF Therapy® are subject to our Terms and Conditions.