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Terms and Conditions for Purchase
of IMF Therapy® (Outside UK)

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IMF® Therapy (hereinafter referred to as “the Therapy”) will be made available under license from Reflex Therapeutics (hereinafter referred to as “RT”) to the user (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”). The Therapy incorporates the use of the IMF Device, (hereinafter referred to as “the Device”), training in the operation of the Device by a trained IMF therapist and support by e-mail and telephone as required.

Warranty and Service

RT provide a warranty on the Device for 2 years, and in the event of fault will replace the Device within ten working days of receipt of the faulty Device.  The Client must return the faulty device to RT for testing before a replacement device is sent out to the Client.

Loss or Damage to the IMF Device

In the event of loss or damage to the Device beyond normal wear and tear, the Client is responsible for the outstanding balance of the lease. The Client must ensure that the Device is covered by and incorporated into, a current household insurance policy and that the Device is kept in such a way that it remains undamaged. Damage sustained to the Device whilst in the home of the Client, will be paid for in full by the Client. The intrinsic value of the Device is £3,000.00. The Device remains the responsibility of the Client until it is returned to RT.

Damage to a Person or Animal

Neither the manufacturer nor the supplier of the Device will take responsibility for harm to any person or animal caused by intentionally or negligently ignoring the instructions in the IMF Therapy Instruction Manual, or the training in the use of the Device as given by a trained IMF Therapist.

Client Commitment

The client's commitment to, and co-operation with, their own healing process is an essential element for IMF Therapy to achieve it's full efficacy. Therefore if the client does not follow the guidelines for the Therapy as recommended by RT, or does not adhere to these Terms and Conditions, the Client will be deemed Unco-operative.

If a Client is deemed Unco-operative, they will receive notification of such by RT. All support from RT will cease forthwith, and RT reserves the right to have no further communications with the Client.

Returning the Device

When returning by post, the Client must send using insured post. In the event of the Client being unable to pursue the Therapy for any reason, other than voluntary cessation of the lease, RT shall be informed and the Device returned within five working days by insured post. It is the responsibility of the Client to return the Device at the end of a trial period in good working order The cost of posting the Device back to RT must be paid for by the Client unless otherwise agreed with RT, including return of the Device for servicing and maintenance.