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See what users of IMF Therapy® say:

Mr C of Nottingham

"My walking has improved noticeably, my shoulder is no longer dropped and I can raise my arm far higher than before. This has been acheived in 6 months. I use the therapy nearly everyday."

Mrs N of Aylesbury:

Mrs N of Aylesbury Mrs N. has benefited very much from the therapy. She no longer uses crutches AT ALL and can walk around her garden without a stick, which has given her a lot of confidence and she enjoys her gardening, which was largely unavailable to her prior to IMF.

Pain in her side was significant but the work has reduced this to almost nothing. Sensation in her fingers is slowly returning but the best improvement is in her feet. Her neurologist is impressed with the regain of sensation in the nerve endings here, which have much of their function restored and she scores very well with the tuning fork test. This means she has much better balance now.

Finally, her ankle, which was stiff and painful, is also improved. The tissue has softened considerably and the pain is gone. Mrs N. enjoys her days more now and IMF Therapy has helped her to help herself to a more fulfilling way of life.

Miss H of Birmingham:

Miss H of Birmingham "After 2 weeks my friend told me I was getting up from the sofa without using the table for support. I actually had not noticed this. Then I noticed that I was able to stand on tiptoe and return onto my heels evenly. Since my stroke I have been unable to do this as my heel was a bit like a ratchet in that it used to click 3 times and come down AFTER the good one. This was after 6 weeks. After 8 weeks I started work with my arm and now I can spread butter on bread although slowly for now.

My doctor is very interested in the progress I am making. I hope she can help get the NHS to look at this therapy as there must be many people who could benefit. The thing is you do it for yourself and this is empowerment for the patient. To my amazement and joy this is actually working for me!"

Mr S of London:

Mr S suffered a stroke 17 years ago and uses IMF therapy every day. When he first started at the beginning of 2004, his arm was very tight and he couldn`t walk in public without feeling that people were looking at him. Now the spasticity in his arm has gone, the tissue is soft and self confidence has returned. Also, he has started using his arm in the gym to lift weights and muscle tone has returned whereas before atrophy had set in. He says the IMF programme is a success and is his friend for life.

Miss S of London:

When Miss S started the therapy, she couldn't move her torso or her legs and had difficulty breathing. She was 31 years old with 3 children.

After only 4 weeks the difference was astonishing. She was able to move her body forward in her chair and lift both legs about 6 inches off the ground. The attending therapist was amazed in that he could understand most of what she said to him whereas initially he had to ask the carer for help in this. Miss S said that her breathing had improved dramatically since starting the therapy and that she was able to sound words properly for the first time since her stroke.

Mrs A of London:

Mrs A suffered a brain stem stroke 27 years ago. After 6 weeks of using IMF she was able to rotate her head farther than ever before and was able to lift her head from the pillow on her own. She also could feel the first sensations of connection to her neck since the stroke.

Mr R of Lewes:

Mr R used the therapy for 6 months and then stopped because he was able to go up and down stairs "like a spring chicken" and felt he had no more need to continue.

Mr W of Worthing:

Mr W of Worthing Mr W is diabetic and because of this cannot work as much with the therapy as we would like, he runs out of energy and the therapy is not appropriate when one is tired. None the less the improvements over a six month period have been clear enough.

His leg no longer moves out to the side when walking. Arm and shoulder function have improved with his physio reporting constant improvement every time she visits. He is a dedicated user of IMF and strength and function are returning gradually.